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Thalasso Therapy; Recherche


Dissolve your aches and pains due to swollen joints, muscle knots, spasms, tension and more while improving the condition of your skin and body.

When you soak in a Recherche Therapy Bath, you feel as if every cell throughout your entire body opens up, releasing every last drop of stress and tension. Your aches and pains melt away…

Recherche is a carefully formulated combination of premium quality, natural and organic plant based elements combined with sea salts and clay created to your relax muscles, release your tension while building healthy skin through detoxification and remineralization to promote overall superior health of your health and beauty.

Recherche Therapy Bath puts you back in control of your life, ending limitations caused by muscle knots, spasms, achy body and muscles, soreness and tension with the privacy and convenience of your own home. 

Contains premium, naturally sourced nutrients vital for optimum health of skin and body.

Slows down cell aging, tones, strengthens tissue, promotes regeneration of cells, resists attack of damaging mediums. Not only will your body feel as if it is in its prime, you will have the flawless, beautiful, glowing skin, to both feel and look ageless while exceeding your desire for indulgence, pampering

You can end your body’s restrictions, discomfort and suffering from tension, stress, muscle knots, aches and pains.

  • Ease muscle stiffness, relaxing muscle
  • Improve circulation, reducing inflammation
  • Effective relief from joint swelling, soreness, stiffness
  • Increase circulation, removing by-product of stress
  • Eliminates toxins trapped in muscles, allowing oxygen rich blood flow, bringing improved nourishment to tissues, decreasing aches, pains, muscle knots, muscle spasm,
  • Minerals Potassium and bromides help ease muscle aches and pains, relax, ease muscle aches and pains while aiding promoting body’s natural natural ability to repair
  • Improves oxidation, helps regulate electrical process of muscles, nervous system
  • Helps cells absorb nourishment, expel waste products
  • Tones skin, improving skin appearance to become even, smooth & glowing
  • Detoxifies skin, leaves skin looking more vital, removes dark under eye circles, improving and restoring moisture to dry eyes
  • Contain all of the 8 essential and 9 non-essential amino acids required for optimum skin health
  • Accelerated detoxification to help your body cleanse
  • Beta-carotene helps to alleviate skin conditions that include psoriasis, acne.
  • Polysaccharides which are natural reactants, normalizing skins moisture content, improving elasticity
  • Anti-oxidants Tyrosine, Vitamin E, selenium; beneficial for anti-aging, eliminate free radicals, reducing appearance of lines and wrinkles, slowing skin cell aging
  • Speeds regeneration of new skin cells, promotes faster healing, elimination of toxins and helps increase metabolism of skin.
  • When used as a poultice to speed wound healing, results in reduced scars tissue formation, reduced scar
  • Restricts candida overgrowth through restoring good bacteria for less acne breakouts
  • Contains chlorophyll which defeats cancer causing agents, preventing cells from malfunctioning and premature aging
  • Ensures oxygen supply to every cell
  • Cleanses skin, fights against harmful bacteria
  • Rich in Vitamins E, K, B, more Vitamin A and C than oranges or carrots, contains 98 102 earth elements found in soil
  • Glowing skin, flawless skin
  • Helps cure eczema, psoriasis, acne prone, restore smooth skin, removes scars, blemishes
  • Fights body odor
  • Removes dead cell build up from skin including scalp

USE: The recommended use is 2 scoops per bath. (approx 1.0 oz.).

SIZE: Offered in 6.0 or 12.0 oz sizes.

PACKAGING: Both the 6.0 & 12.0 oz sizes are packaged in clear biodegradable & compostable cellophane  bags, a cellulose product derived from sustained forest. These bags have nearly zero environmental impact, meeting FDA standards for direct food contact and will typically break down in a few weeks when in a home composting environment.

The 12.0 oz bags are packaged in a second, kraft paper twist tie rigid bag that includes a compostable “scoop.”

All containers used to package your Sea Salt Bath Soaks are made of natural fibers, biodegradable & compostable.

Spa Secrets 4 U, believes you should be provided with the tools to make informed decisions regarding your own health and safety. Just because there are “Trade Secret’ laws that say we do not have to disclose certain ingredients does not mean we mean we have to go along with the majority. Because you deserve better; today and forever, we will provide ‘Full Disclosure’ of every ingredient we use. You deserve nothing less.

ingredients: unprocessed & unrefined Dead Sea Mineral Salts (sun dried), Mediterranean Sea salts (sun dried), Ultra Epsom salts, organic kelp, wild harvested laver, French green sea clay, hemp seed oil, sunflower seed oil, avocado oil, apricot kernel oil, cold pressed unrefined coconut oil, raw, unrefined cocoa butter, colloidal oatmeal, neem seed oil, spirulina, wheatgrass, ginger, bentonite clay; pure essential oils of: clary sage, lavender, peppermint, geranium, bergamot, rosemary, eucalyptus & neroli

Ingredients are either certified organic, inorganic, produced organically without certification or wild harvested.




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Do you suffer from muscle aches, muscle spasms, inflammation, tension and stress related aches and pains that stop you from being able to enjoy your life? Are you ready to take back control of your life, putting an end to restrictions imposed by tension and achy, sore muscles?

Stress from job, finances, family, relationships, illness, upheaval, change, injury or just a bad day can wreck havoc on your body’s ability to function properly. If you hold tension in your neck, back, shoulders, one bad day can cause discomfort. One bad day after another can lead to debilitating muscle spasms, muscle knots, or worse. Don’t let life’s bumps and bruises beat you. Not when you can soak in Recherche, Bath Spa, for complete relief, allow all your stress, tension that you feel in every cell drain away… Sound’s good, doesn’t it?

It feels even better.

Thalassotherapy, the Ancient curative method using marine products for healing has proven more effective, complete, restorative and therapeutic than any other healing methods available. This exclusive, spa treatment has been used since the Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians built the first spas in 500 B.C.E. along the Mediterranean Coastline based on their belief that the sea; seawater, seaweed, mud and salt held great powers of healing.

If you are ready to live in less pain, without the restrictions caused by muscle spasms, muscle knots, body aches and pains then Recherche will help you make that happen. If your muscle aches, muscle knots, body aches and pains are enough to limit your mobility but not so severe as to warrant invasive methods of treatment, then Recherche is a good, healthy place to get your body healing and take back your life’s momentum.

The information on this page is not to be considered medical advise, the FDA has not approved these products for effectiveness. If you are ill and require medical treatment, please see a doctor immediately, do not use any of these products instead over medical treatment. 

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Every product we offer has been crafted by hand & on site; in small, quality controlled batches.

Each and every premium, luxury bath & beauty products we offer contains the finest quality, natural and organic plant based ingredients from both land and sea, combined with sea salts, mud and clay. You have our guarantee that we use ingredients that are raw, unprocessed or minimally processed. By ‘minimally processed’, we mean sun dried, cold pressed, steam distilled, etc. We do not use ingredients that are processed or extracted using chemicals. When given a choice, we always choose ingredients that are food grade over cosmetic grade.

Our products will never be made using: synthetic or petrochemicals, palm oil of any kind, gmo’s. animal fats, fillers or added water.

Our processes and products are Cruelty free. We do not condone or support animal testing. We understand that using animal products is a choice but it is not our choice….

However, we do use sustainably sourced, local beeswax and honey, in very small amounts, in a number of our products.

We use minimal, plastic free packaging. Most of our packaging is biodegradable and compostable.

Bags, jars, tubes, labels and even spoons are all made from natural fibers and are environmentally friendly. In fact, the only part of our packaging that is not biodegradable is the small wire inside the twist tie on our 12.0 oz Therapeutic Bath Salts.

All of our packaging has been carefully sourced, researched and approved as the greenest packaging possible.

Even our mailing supplies are reused, repurposed and recycled as much as possible.

We are committed to a leaving a cleaner, greener future for your children, our children and their children.


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