Soothe & Smooth, Mild Exfoliation


Now you don’t have to suffer with itchy skin, no matter if you are looking at dry heat and air conditioning or if your skin becomes worse during winter. You are sure to find relief from dry patchy skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis plaques or other flaky, patchy dry skin conditions.

How can you get around the discomfort of weather related skin conditions? First thing you need to do restore the health of your skin.

Luckily, it is easy to rebuild healthy skin, if you have the right tools.  

Healthy skin must be properly cleaned, removing deep down particles, impurities and dirt from within pores in a gentle manner that does not cause damage to skin.  Do you want to avoid dry winter skin, worsening of dry patchy skin conditions and spend your winter enjoying smooth comfortable skin that is healthy?  If your skin has been depleted of any nutrients, these will need to be restored.  Along with lacking moisture and the natural barrier function that allows proper oxygen flow and toxin elimination must be rebuilt. Then, it is a good idea to incorporate elements that will combat and protect against future damage.  This will help you to protect your skin from the harsh, cold and damaging climate.  If you have been dreading the winter weather and the dry winter skin that you know comes with it, this is your chance to take control and protect your skin.

  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Helps restore skin from irritation, redness, soothes,
  • Relieves dryness, and relieves insect stings, rashes and eczema.
  • Full of polysaccharides that leave a protective moisturizing film on skin that protects against dryness and also many *lubricating fats that are very moisturizing.
  • Contains defense building proteins that maintain skins natural barrier function.
  • Wonderful pore cleanser, due to the saponins contained in it.
  • Saponins are natural cleansers that gently remove dirt and oil from pores
  • French Green Clay, Green Illite Clay is made up of iron oxides and decomposed plant matter,
  • Works well with all skin types
  • Rich in anti-oxidants, fights damaging effects of free radicals that cause premature ageing
  • 100% natural bio-organic material used by European spas for slimming, remineralizing and draining
  • Removes dead skin cells(exfoliation), unclog pores,
  • Helps clear problem skin
  • Useful as a spot treatment on skin eruptions
  • Many swear by its detoxification properties for removing impurities, toxins, excessive oils.
  • Contains micro-molecules for effective absorption
  • Many claim that it is a powerful cellulite reducer(unsupported by science)
  • Contains micro- & macro-minerals, montmorillonite, rich in algae, and other valuable elements that include: mineral oxides, potassium, dolomite, silica, magnesium, calcium, selenium, manganese, phosphorous, silicon and copper.
  • Revitalizes skin,
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Strengthens & tones skin tissue
  • Minimizes pore size
  • Get smooth skin, healthy skin
Sooth & Smooth is a 4.0 oz (minimum) solid brick of gently exfoliating skin spa treatment that appreciated by anyone with dry skin conditions, especially itchy dry skin conditions.  The exfoliating texture is softened, not sharp, providing relief without damaging skin.

Soothe & Smooth has been hand assembled, hand poured and hand cut. Due to the nature of handmade items, no two are ever the exact same. Please expect differences between the one you receive and the one pictured.

ingredients: water, sodium hydroxide, calendula flower, colloidal oatmeal, french illite sea clay, powdered sandalwood, Mediterranean sea salt, raw sugar, avocado oil*, castor oil (hexane free)*, raw unrefined virgin coconut oil, hemp seed oil, olive oil, raw unrefined shea butter, soybean oil, sunflower oil

Ingredients are either certified organic, inorganic, produced organically without certification or wild harvested unless noted with *.

*Not included in above. Conventionally grown, cold pressed & pure. Extracted without use of chemicals

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Are you ready to get rid of your dry winter skin? You do not have to suffer with itchy skin during winter.

If you tend to have itchy, dry skin, chances are, you are using the wrong body care products.

Most of us don’t realize that our skin care products can be causing the same issues we purchased the products to correct!

So often, we don’t realize that our mainstream cleansers, moisturizers and lotions contain ingredients that began as crude oil and industrial chemicals. Unfortunately,most often when petrochemicals and industrial chemicals are in our body care products, this is not giving us a healing, softening, restorative effect we want. When these are used as ingredients in our skincare, they can actually draw moisture out of your skin, block your skin from eliminating toxins, causing the toxins to build up. Over time, this can damage your immune system.

If your dry skin is related to an immune system condition, using petrochemicals can end up worsening the problem, not helping.

Soothe & Smooth Scrubbing Spa Treatment is a unique blend of Illite French Sea Clay, colloidal oatmeal and calendula petals to exfoliate away the dead skin cell build up that causes your skin to look dull, aged and tired.  Overproduction and unbalanced sebum combines with dead skin cells that don’t completely shed, this accumulates in your pores feeding bacteria already there.

Do you have problems with dry, patchy skin conditions that include, but is not limited to, eczema and psoriasis plaques? Do you live with itchy skin or other skin distress? Do you have sensitive skin that becomes dry very easily? Do you often find yourself experiencing dull skin, flaking skin, scaly skin from accumulated skin cell build up?

Soothe & Smooth Scrubbing Spa Treatment provides a gentle exfoliating “texture” that is exceptional for people who suffer with eczema,  psoriasis, dry winter skin and itchy skin during winter or year around. It has gentle, natural cleansers that are non drying, without harsh additives that usually serve to exacerbate patchy, itchy skin conditions that are associated with winter dry skin. The additional benefit comes from the soft exfoliation provided by the colloidal oatmeal that are described as “Soft, not sharp” for scrubbing off the dry skin build up that feels terrific when you have itchy skin during winter.

People who suffer from eczema often have an irritating itch to their skin. Soothe & Smooth Spa Treatment offers relief of the associated discomfort. The texture of the scrub is useful for helping to get smooth clear skin by gently removing the flaky, scaly dry skin of dead skin cell accumulation.

This unassuming spa treatment promotes cell regeneration and healing of many dry skin conditions associated with dry winter skin and immune system dry skin conditions. Beneficial cleanser that helps reduce inflammation, irritation,  while soothing sensitive skin, acne, aged skin, eczema, dry skin, psoriasis, rashes and rosacea to help you experience less discomfort, dryness, irritation and get smooth clear skin.

Colloidal oatmeal activates naturally present immune cells within skin making this a great choice for skin with minor abrasions, scratches and surface wounds. Includes mild cleansing agent that gently remove dirt, impurities and excess oils.

Helps restore moisture rich healthy skin to maintain optimum hydration and protection.  Achieve, through natures gifts, beautiful, healthy, glowing skin.

A wonderfully protective, exfoliating and restorative effect to leave you with healthy glowing skin. You can, naturally, get smooth clear skin that is clean, clear and soft instead of the dry winter skin you have been hoping to avoid.

All skin types will find great benefits from use of this repairing scrub bar that also happens to be vegan.

Illite, French Green Sea Clay has a strong, detoxifying effect that attach’s to the impurities in your pores and when they are released from your skin, you actually feel the “grab” as it attaches to the impurity and the “release” once the dirt has been safely drawn out of your pore. 

This soap contains NO: palm oil, petrochemicals or synthetic chemicals including: SLS/SLES, surfactants, papabens, phthalates, petrochemicals,  animal products or animal testing.

Every product we offer has been crafted by hand & on site; in small, quality controlled batches.

Each and every premium, luxury bath & beauty products we offer contains the finest quality, natural and organic plant based ingredients from both land and sea, combined with sea salts, mud and clay. You have our guarantee that we use ingredients that are raw, unprocessed or minimally processed. By ‘minimally processed’, we mean sun dried, cold pressed, steam distilled, etc. We do not use ingredients that are processed or extracted using chemicals. When given a choice, we always choose ingredients that are food grade over cosmetic grade.

Our products will never be made using: synthetic or petrochemicals, palm oil of any kind, gmo’s. animal fats, fillers or added water.

Our processes and products are Cruelty free. We do not condone or support animal testing. We understand that using animal products is a choice but it is not our choice….

However, we do use sustainably sourced, local beeswax and honey, in very small amounts, in a number of our products.

We use minimal, plastic free packaging. Most of our packaging is biodegradable and compostable.

Bags, jars, tubes, labels and even spoons are all made from natural fibers and are environmentally friendly. In fact, the only part of our packaging that is not biodegradable is the small wire inside the twist tie on our 12.0 oz Therapeutic Bath Salts.

All of our packaging has been carefully sourced, researched and approved as the greenest packaging possible.

Even our mailing supplies are reused, repurposed and recycled as much as possible.

We are committed to a leaving a cleaner, greener future for your children, our children and their children.


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