R & R Reconstructing Shampoo


Are you tired of having itchy dandruff, visible flakes and thinning hair? R & R Shampoo is a natural way to clean your hair while increasing circulation to your scalp. Receiving more oxygen and nutrients to strengthen the hair root and promote healthy, thicker hair growth.

There is another benefit when you replace your usual store bought shampoo with R & R Shampoo. You stop the damaging effects from coating your scalp and hair with corrosive chemicals that are known for causing permanent damage to hair follicle. Yes, that is correct, hair loss, dry scalp, even itchy dandruff could all be linked to the ingredients in your regular shampoo.

R & R Shampoo is created to promote healing, strengthen and nourishment to your scalp and hair. It encourages new hair growth and healthy scalp. Now might be the time for you to try something different. What do you have to lose? More hair?

If you struggle with hair loss, breakage, damaged hair, oily hair, scalp psoriasis, dry scalp and even dandruff  this shampoo will help strengthen your hair, improve your hair, regulate the oil and moisture levels on your scalp, balance the pH level of your scalp and many other benefits to help grow thick, strong hair to help you to: Get Long Hair!

  • Strong moisturizer
  • Astringent, normalizes scalps oil production and balances PH levels of scalp to prevent both oily, flat hair and dry, itchy scalp with dandruff.
  • Penetrates and stimulates hair follicle from within. Improves blood circulation, increasing oxygen and nutrient supply.  Get long hair, healthy hair.
  • Stops itchy dandruff
  • Stops flaking associated with dry scalp, dandruff
  • Astringent, normalizes scalps oil production and balances PH levels of scalp to prevent both oily, flat hair and dry, itchy scalp with dandruff.
  • Penetrates and stimulates hair follicle from within. Improves blood circulation, increasing oxygen and nutrient supply.  Get long hair, healthy hair.
  • Antiseptic, antibiotic, anti-fungal, kill off bacteria that can cause itching
  • Treats dandruff, hair loss, increase blood flow to scalp. Healthier hair follicle, strengthen hair follicle, preventing premature hair loss
  • Moisturizing scalp and hair
  • Stimulates circulation promote healthy hair growth, speed hair growth, healthy hair, get long hair
  • Treats dandruff, hair loss,
  • Promotes hair growth when hair loss is related to testosterone levels
  • One of best hair tonics for hair loss, healthy hair, get long hair, strong hair
  • Increase scalp circulation, increased blood flow to scalp takes nutrients and oxygen to hair follicles, stimulating hair follicles, encouraging new growth, helping increase hair health, get long hair
  • Fatty acids, recommended for fighting hair loss, stunted growth, hair thinning
  • Antiseptic properties that get rid of dandruff
  • Contains magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, vitamins help make hair stronger, healthier, shiner
  • Strengthens roots of hair as remedy hair loss
  • Dissolves buildup of product residue and sebum.
  • Cleans the hair follicle and makes dull, limp hair rejuvenated, easier to manage and lighter.
  • Contains anti-oxidants up to hundreds times more concentrated than blueberries or broccoli
  • Relieves dry, itchy scalp, dandruff, scalp psoriasis symptoms,
  • Helps hair become silky, shiny, stronger, helping to: get longer hair
  • restores damaged hair
  • Over 180 separate compounds, many help rejuvenate hair and scalp while protecting against ongoing damage.
  • Will help treat dandruff, dry or oily and itchy scalp
  • Nourish, balance problem skin. Easily penetrate skins outer layers to soothe chronically dry, itchy, flaky areas including eczema, psoriasis
  • Said to help with thinning hair, combat hair loss, *strengthen hair follicle, help with oily scalp
  • Helps with dryness in hair, improves scalp health
  • Excellent cleanser for hair
Each R & R Solid Shampoo is hand made, hand cut 4.0 oz (minimum) brick. R & R Shampoo comes wrapped with a label as the only packaging.

If you are just starting to use natural shampoo bars, please read up a little about what to expect during the transition.

ingredients: spring water, olive oil, cold pressed unrefined coconut oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, raw, unrefined shea butter, sodium hydroxide, organic sugar, castor oil(hexane free)*, hemp seed oil; ginger root, rosehip, powdered neem leaf  & neem seed oil, pure essential oils: rosemary, sweet orange, tea tree and peppermint

Ingredients are either certified organic, inorganic, produced organically without certification or wild harvested unless noted  with *.

*Not included in above. Pure, conventionally grown, cold pressed, without use of chemicals



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Are you ready to stop scalp itchy dandruff, visible flaking, dry scalp, thinning hair, hair loss and receding hairline?  

Get ready recover lost hair, improve health and condition of scalp, rebuild strong hair roots and follicles for new, healthy hair growth.  Excellent natural shampoo to promote hair growth for men. It is also excellent for women who suffer with dry scalp, itchy dandruff and hair loss.

R & R Solid Shampoo will amp up both the quality and quantity of nutrients and oxygen to your scalp. This increases nourishment to the hair bulb, hair root and hair muscle to create a stronger base structure that will maintain a stronger grip on the hair follicle, resulting in much less hair loss.

Improved circulation helps stimulate  hair growth that is healthy, strong, thick and capable of standing up to a myriad of damaging elements. Improved circulation combines with anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti-microbial elements to stop scalp itch, the fungi that causes itchy dandruff and other scalp issues.

R & R shampoo contains a multitude of beneficial properties that will Restore & Repair your scalp while improving the health, strength and thickness of your hair.Increasing the condition of your scalp. This will help promote stronger, thicker hair.  

Are you getting tired of itchy dandruff, visible flaking, dry scalp, hair loss, thinning hair, weak and easily damaged hair? It is time to have healthy hair, have strong hair, get long hair, get R & R Shampoo.

Healthy hair that shines, grows fuller, thicker and stronger will happen again, you will need to replace the store bought shampoo with natural, hair nourishing shampoo. Like with this R & R Shampoo.

You have never used a solid shampoo? You will be thrilled when you find out you are not missing this incredibly easy experience that will soon deliver your healthier, thicker, smoother, longer hair.

Not only good for you, but for the environment, too. No plastic bottles that pollute groundwater by the same toxic chemicals that leak into shampoo that they contain. No need to use the containers that will remain in landfills until the end of time, if not longer.

R & R Shampoo creates a rich, thick lather as good, of better, than commercial shampoo. You will feel more comfortable knowing R & R Shampoo does not contain the harsh surfactants, palm oil or animal fats used in mainstream products to the achieve a better lather.

R & R Shampoo is a great way for you to have a well conditioned scalp, rid yourself of itchy dandruff flakes, improve the health of your hair, get thick hair, longer hair and healthy hair.

If you have been using commercial shampoo until now and are considering making the switch to natural shampoo,please read “Natural Shampoo Transition.” Make yourself better prepared for what to expect through the transition process, as it is very worth it. You will have an easier time if you start out knowing what to expect.

You will not be missing lather, you will be pleased with the luxurious rich lather in R & R Shampoo. The only thing you will be missing are the harsh surfactants (permanent damage child’s vision, corrosive hair follicle, hair loss, skin toxin), animal fats (cruelty) or palm oil (Rainforest deforestation, slavery, endangered orangutan, destroying ecosystem) used in mainstream products to achieve a lather almost as good as ours that comes from food grade natural, organic plant based ingredients.

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Every product we offer has been crafted by hand & on site; in small, quality controlled batches.

Each and every premium, luxury bath & beauty products we offer contains the finest quality, natural and organic plant based ingredients from both land and sea, combined with sea salts, mud and clay. You have our guarantee that we use ingredients that are raw, unprocessed or minimally processed. By ‘minimally processed’, we mean sun dried, cold pressed, steam distilled, etc. We do not use ingredients that are processed or extracted using chemicals. When given a choice, we always choose ingredients that are food grade over cosmetic grade.

Our products will never be made using: synthetic or petrochemicals, palm oil of any kind, gmo’s. animal fats, fillers or added water.

Our processes and products are Cruelty free. We do not condone or support animal testing. We understand that using animal products is a choice but it is not our choice….

However, we do use sustainably sourced, local beeswax and honey, in very small amounts, in a number of our products.

We use minimal, plastic free packaging. Most of our packaging is biodegradable and compostable.

Bags, jars, tubes, labels and even spoons are all made from natural fibers and are environmentally friendly. In fact, the only part of our packaging that is not biodegradable is the small wire inside the twist tie on our 12.0 oz Therapeutic Bath Salts.

All of our packaging has been carefully sourced, researched and approved as the greenest packaging possible.

Even our mailing supplies are reused, repurposed and recycled as much as possible.

We are committed to a leaving a cleaner, greener future for your children, our children and their children.


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