Lemon Sea & Honey Shampoo


Restorative, repairing natural shampoo that reverses hair loss.  Filled with intense concentration of nutrients intended to reestablish elements vital to the health of your scalp, hair roots, hair follicle to give you healthy, thick hair naturally.

Lemon SEA has been carefully formulated to encompass a large number of healing and restoring benefits to nourish and hydrate your hair; replace needed vitamins and minerals, seal the beneficial elements into the hair shaft, smooth down the cuticle and protect against future damage. We were able to achieve all of these factors in this Natural, Healthy, Lemon SEA & Honey Solid Shampoo Bar.

You should have the ability to know that your shampoo does not contain extra toxins that leached from its plastic container. Lemon SEA is a solid, allowing it to go without plastic packaging. This makes it even better for knowing there are no harmful chemicals to leach into your product from plastic packaging and no toxic chemicals to leach poisons into our ground, water, ocean and food supply for the next 450-1000 years, threatening future generations. 

  • Your hair’s outer layer is the cuticle.
  • The condition of your hair is mainly defined by the condition of the cuticle.
  • When the cuticle becomes damaged, the middle layer of your hair(cortex) loses its moisture, causing it to unravel, leading to split ends and damaged hair.
  • Lemon SEA  puts the moisture and nutrients back into the damaged cortex, sealing the damaged cuticle with the beeswax.
  • Giving you smooth, thick hair naturally, giving your hair elasticity, manageability and healthy shine.

  • When used to clean hair, dissolves buildup of product residue and sebum, cleansing the hair follicle and making dull, limp hair rejuvenated.
  • Added to shampoo it will help treat dandruff, dry or oily and itchy scalp
  • Useful topical ointment for range of conditions that include: acne, abscess, blister, cold sores, herpes, insect bites, oily skin, cradle cap, ringworm, skin infections
  • Analgesic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-parasitic, antiseptic, anti-viral, deodorant, fungicidal, insecticide
  • Treats dandruff, fungal infections, insect bites, oily skin, skin rashes, sunburn, warts, wounds, scalp cleanser
  • When used in shampoo & conditioners it helps to treat dandruff, dry scalp, excess oil and helps to retain moisture and shine  
  • Conditioning hair treatment  
  • Stimulates hair follicles resulting in hair growth both faster and stronger
  • Used to provide relief dry skin & scalp
  • Helps improve dandruff, combat oily hair and believed to slow prematurely graying of hair and hair loss
  • Combined with other oils to treat additional problems related to scalp  
  • Used on scalp, in shampoo it will deter head lice and help with dandruff.  
  • Help with thinning hair, combat hair loss and strengthen hair follicles and well as help with oily scalp and hair issues.  
  • penetrates scalp easily, loosens and dissolves built up, accumulation of sebum that becomes hardened over time
  • been proven to start hair renewal, benefiting people dealing with hair loss
  • antibacterial properties help treat broken skin on scalp, has no color or odor and does not cause irritation and iodine helps with skin 
  • Hair-restorative and strong conditioner.   
  • Act as a natural conditioner, with continued use promoting hair growth and even repair split ends.  
  • Promotes healthy hair, control dandruff  while supporting the healing and repair of tissue  
  • Strengthens, tightens and tones skin, muscles, hair follicles. Prevents hair loss
  • Reduce sebum production
  • Strong, healthy, shinning hair. Removes dandruff
  • Add to shampoo, cleans excess oils from hair  
  • Promotes healthy, thick hair naturally 
  • Rich in nutrients like calcium, iodine, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, iron, folate, choline, vitamin A, B1, C, D, E, K, vitamins B, B12, B2, polysaccharides
Lemon SEA & Honey Solid Shampoo is a hand made, hand cut 4.0 oz (minimum) brick. The brick you receive is a one-of-a-kind item, no two are ever the exact same, in appearance. The quality, purity and workmanship will never change. Each batch had been mixed, poured and cut by hand as we try to stay as true as we can to the traditional methods of soapmaking.  As with most handcrafted products, there will be variations between every one.Yours will be a unique work of art.

We feel a need to honor the ancient tradition of crafting soap by hand. After over 3000 years, it is still being used by nearly every body on this planet. We try to enhance and accentuate the unevenness, nicks, chips, blending, variations, misshapen, mixing and lack of uniformity. There are some who would rather have the sameness of using molds, shave off any inconsistencies, angling every edge to look like store bought counterparts that were made on a production line. That isn’t us.

If you are just starting to use natural shampoo bars, please read up a little about what to expect during the transition.

ingredients: sodium hydroxide, spring water, avocado oil*, wild harvested beeswax, castor oil (hexane free)*, raw unrefined cocoa butter, raw unrefined coconut oil, grape seed oil*, hemp seed oil, jojoba oil, kelp, neem seed oil, olive oil, raw unrefined shea butter; pure essential oils: tea tree, lemon

Ingredients are either certified organic, inorganic, produced organically without certification or wild harvested unless noted with *.

*Not included in above. Conventionally grown, cold pressed & pure. Exracted without use of chemicals

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Is your hair damaged? Does your hair split and break? Is your hair thinning and you wish you could reverse hair loss? Are you ready to get healthy, thick hair?

Are you ready to know the secret to healthy, strong, more manageable, smooth hair? If you are ready to have thick hair naturally, hair that is shiny, sleek, grows longer and faster, then there are just a few easy steps to take.

First, you will need to discontinue use of store bought shampoo and conditioners. Store bought shampoo contain destructive chemicals that strip moisture and natural oils from your hair, corrode and corrupt hair follicles, carry offending chemicals deeper into the core of the hair shaft to cause further deterioration and even permanent damage to the follicle leading to premature hair loss.

Now to the devastated hair add a conditioner which is filled with a silicone (petrochemical) or wax (many) to coat the hair shaft, to cause the hair to feel smooth and manageable. Since your hair is now coated, it feels soft so you don’t realize that is as ravaged as it truly is. This soft hair is not your real hair; it is a silicone coating is made from crude oil by product. If you were to feel your actual hair, you would be shocked.  Lemon SEA & Honey Shampoo was designed to incorporate a large number of benefits for repairing, healing, restoring nutrients for soft, silky smooth hair that will grow long, fast and  strong. Giving you thick hair naturally.

Most common causes of premature or excessive hair loss are age, medical conditions, hormones, medications and vitamin deficiencies.

  • Vitamin deficiencies will also cause hair to become dry and dull  
  • Kelp helps new hair growth by replacing B vitamins. B vitamins help to increase metabolism, which promotes hair growth.
  • Helps new hair growth by encouraging cell growth and division, 
  • Calcium and magnesium levels help prevent hair loss. 
  • Contains kelp, can build cells, maintain hormonal balance and use protein in the body optimally. (zinc deficiency causes hair loss).  
  • Deficiency in amino acid l-lycine can lead to hair loss. Kelp contains laminaria angustata 
  • Used in shampoo and conditioners, kelp helps strengthen hair, provide nourishment, promote hair growth, protect from damage. 
  • Kelp is rich in laminaria angustata which promotes hair growth and also thickens hair by encouraging the growth of the outer sheath of the hair follicles  

All of our shampoo bars have a surprising rich lather for not using surfactants, tallow or other animal products or palm oil. Lemon SEA & Honey will leave your smooth hair soft, manageable, well conditioned and healthy.

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Every product we offer has been crafted by hand & on site; in small, quality controlled batches.

Each and every premium, luxury bath & beauty products we offer contains the finest quality, natural and organic plant based ingredients from both land and sea, combined with sea salts, mud and clay. You have our guarantee that we use ingredients that are raw, unprocessed or minimally processed. By ‘minimally processed’, we mean sun dried, cold pressed, steam distilled, etc. We do not use ingredients that are processed or extracted using chemicals. When given a choice, we always choose ingredients that are food grade over cosmetic grade.

Our products will never be made using: synthetic or petrochemicals, palm oil of any kind, gmo’s. animal fats, fillers or added water.

Our processes and products are Cruelty free. We do not condone or support animal testing. We understand that using animal products is a choice but it is not our choice….

However, we do use sustainably sourced, local beeswax and honey, in very small amounts, in a number of our products.

We use minimal, plastic free packaging. Most of our packaging is biodegradable and compostable.

Bags, jars, tubes, labels and even spoons are all made from natural fibers and are environmentally friendly. In fact, the only part of our packaging that is not biodegradable is the small wire inside the twist tie on our 12.0 oz Therapeutic Bath Salts.

All of our packaging has been carefully sourced, researched and approved as the greenest packaging possible.

Even our mailing supplies are reused, repurposed and recycled as much as possible.

We are committed to a leaving a cleaner, greener future for your children, our children and their children.


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Spa Secrets 4 U, believes you should be provided with the tools to make informed decisions regarding your own health and safety. Just because there are “Trade Secret’ laws that say we do not have to disclose certain ingredients does not mean we mean we have to go along with the majority. Because you deserve better; today and forever, we will provide ‘Full Disclosure’ of every ingredient we use. You deserve nothing less.
sodium hydroxide, water, avocado oil*, wild harvested beeswax, castor oil (hexane free), raw unrefined cocoa butter*, raw unrefined coconut oil*, grape seed oil, hemp seed oil*, jojoba oil*, neem seed oil* olive oil, raw unrefined shea butter*, kelp*; pure essential oils: peppermint, lemon*, tea tree*
*USDA Certified Organic ingredients/
Unmarked ingredients are either inorganic or produced organically and not certified or wild harvested.