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All U Need Baby; Unscented 2-in-1


A Gentle Unscented Baby Shampoo and Body Wash.  

Convenient moisturizing, gentle cleanser makes Your baby’s bath so much easier

All-U-Need is a gentle, unscented baby shampoo and body wash in a convenient solid form. Pure, simple and clean moisturizing 2-in-1.  Not just for babies, excellent choice for elderly, sensitive skin, young children and everyone in-between.  To ensure the freedom of use by all, nothing extra has been added.  Provides a surprisingly rich lather to ensure you are not giving up the experience you associate with clean.

You deserve full disclosure, this is your child.

This is your child, you should be as informed as possible to make the best decisions for their care.  That is your right.  Demand it. We want you to know what you put on your baby’s skin.  With All-U-Need, you are only putting safe, healthy, moisturizing and gentle ingredients to your childs skin. None that are harmful, harsh or toxic. 

**This is not “Tear Free.” “Tear Free” does not mean safe for eyes, it means more chemicals. Unfortunately, due to Trade Secret Law, disclosure of these ingredients is not required.  We do still warn against /advise you avoid contact with eyes.  A ‘Tear Free’ product does not make it safer.

  • Beneficial in the treatment of many conditions including, but not limited to, psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema,
  • Contains high levels of cocoa mass polyohenols(CMP) which are said to help with the regulating of excessive T-cell activity( this is the root cause of immune system dysfunctions, such as psoriasis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue).
  • CMP can inhibit production of immunoglobulin IgE, helping heal eczema and dermatitis.
  • Full of nutrients that supply antioxidants, vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, C and E, flavenoids, minerals and beneficial fats such as omega-6, omega-9 fatty acids and a monounsaturated fat Oleic acid.
  • Seals the surface of skin to create a barrier against pollution and environmental effects while neutralizing free radicals on skin.
  • When applied to skin during pregnancy, will help to prevent stretch marks.
  • Helps to protect the body from harmful free radicals, premature aging, damaging UV radiation from sun, supports natural balance of skin, softens skin, helps with dryness, flaking, symptoms associated with eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis.
  • Applied to skin will provide protective barrier against infection.
  • Fights wrinkles and age spots, promotes healthy hair, complexion, control dandruff, reduces inflammation while supporting healing and repair of tissue.
  • Anti bacterial, protects against several different types of fungi and bacteria, while leaving good bacteria alone.
  • Documented antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiulcerogenic, antimutagenic, analgesic, antipyretic activities.
  • Many of its medicinal benefits come from ketones.
  • Considered a natural vitamin A cream, contributing to its ability to renew and regenerate the skin.
  • Rich in vitamin E it may increase circulation and blood flow to skin allowing more oxygen to reach the tissues and serve as an anti-oxidant to prevent skin damage by free radicals.
  • Useful to combat wrinkles, aging & sagging skin, blemishes, free radicals, scarring, anti-inflammatory for sprains and arthritis, healing salve, lotion for skin and hair.
  • Regular use helps treat skin rashes & itching, stretch marks, sunburn, small skin wounds, allergic reactions, effects of weather on skin. It contains Stigmasterol, an unsaturated plant sterol that is known as an anti-stiffness factor as it helps to relax tired, and relieve swelling and tension in muscle.
  • Contains UV absorbing factors to help prevent damage caused by over exposure to sun.
  • Used to treat sinusitis and nasal congestion, psoriasis, dry skin, cracked and dry heels and elbows, diaper rash prevention, insect bites and stings, and with pets to treat skin infections, dry skin & coats.
Your All-U-Need is a 4.0 oz (minimum) solid brick that has been hand assembled, hand poured, hand cut cleansing soap.

Due to the nature of handmade items, no two are ever the exact same. Please expect differences between the one you receive and the one pictured.

ingredients: castor oil, raw unrefined coconut oil, grape seed oil, hemp seed oil, olive oil, safflower oil, raw unrefined shea butter, soybean oil* spring water, sodium hydroxide, sunflower oil, raw sugar, Mediterranean sea salt; spring water infused with: hibiscus, rose hips, chicory, blackberry leaves, hawthorn, chamomile, cherries

Ingredients are either certified organic, inorganic, produced organically without certification or wild harvested.

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You can rest easy when you use this gentle, unscented baby shampoo.

A mild, moisturizing cleanser for both hair and skin. Contains all natural, organic, plant based ingredients and none of the questionable, or even harmful, chemicals we all prefer to avoid. Especially when it comes to the delicate, precious skin of your baby.  

Your baby’s bath should not include toxic, harmful chemicals linked to life affecting issues such as: eye damage, cell damage, hormone disruption, corrosive to skin and hair follicles.  We have an article to help you learn about the dangers within Toxic Baby Bath Products

It has been shown that over 60% of what goes on your skin will be absorbed directly into your bloodstream and distributed throughout your cells. Are you comfortable with the ingredients in the products used on your childs skin? 

Mild, moisturizing, gentle, unscented baby shampoo & body wash is in solid form.

A waterless brick that gives the added advantage of not requiring such ingredients as petrochemical based preservatives or synthetic surfactants, among others.  

With All-U-Need, you get exactly what you are paying for.  

You are not expected to pay a premium for what is actually 50-80% (or more) water content.  With All-U-Need, you use what you need and add it to water as you go.  To benefit your childs health both now and in the future, a waterless product allows us to forgo the plastic packaging.  

Plastic packaging is known for leaching its toxins into the contents throughout the life of the product. Most conventional products sit in warehouses, shipping containers& storerooms through heat and cold.  This, plus time, will only increases the amount of toxins that enter the product.  Once it has been used, it is likely to end up in a landfill where it will leach toxins into the ground, groundwater, crops, oceans, food and back into us.  Since plastic takes anywhere from 450-1000 years to decompose, that is a considerable amount of generations forced to eat toxic chemicals from our trash.  To learn more about this, go HERE.

All -U- Need, a 2-in-1 mild cleanser developed to moisturize and gently clean hair and skin. Nothing else.  This provides your baby’s delicate skin the appropriate cleansing without the harsh chemicals that can irritate, dry out or even damage your little ones tender skin.

Your child has sensitive skin, much thinner than ours. Their new skin does not require deep detoxification, stripping or corrosive chemicals often used in their bath products. 

All-U-Need allows you to use a gentle, unscented baby shampoo and body wash, without anything unnecessary, on your little one.

Protection of their skin comes down to using less chemicals, not more. Give their tender skin the benefit of All-U-Need, Gentle Unscented Baby Shampoo. No harsh, harmful chemicals that dry out or coat your baby’s delicate skin. Nothing extra added that will irritate baby’s sensitive skin. Created to provide gentle, mild cleansing for both skin and hair while respecting the delicate skin of your infant, baby, toddler, young child; sensitive skin of the elderly or reactive skin of someone who is unable to tolerate any ingredients but the most basic. Made using top quality ingredients, in small, quality controlled batches. Provides a rich, thick lather to gently cleanse and moisturize.

This is an original, handcrafted cleanser that contains no water in order to eliminate the need for synthetic preservatives and plastic packaging.  

Every time one of our products is chosen over a commercial product, there is one less plastic container that will sit in a landfill for hundreds of years, leaching toxins into our soil, groundwater the entire time. 

All-U-Need, Baby contains NO: synthetic or petrochemicals, palm oil, animal products or testing, added water, fillers or plastic packaging.

All-U-Need is not “Tear free.”  Tear Free shampoo contains even more chemicals,the exact ones are unknown since they are considered part of their Trade Secrets and not required to be disclosed. Irregardless of safety.

All-U-Need does not contain  the chemicals that are known for causing permanent damage to a child’s developing eyes.  Getting Tear free shampoo into your childs eyes will not cause immediate reaction from your child.  This does not negate potential for harm.

As a soap,  All-U-Need will sting if it gets into eyes.  However, it will NOT cause permanent, irreparable damage.

Regardless, it is not enjoyable and we do warn against any eye contact.

“No synthetic chemicals” does mean that it does not contain “No More Tears” and will sting if it gets into the eyes. Please keep away from baby/child’s eyes. 

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Every product we offer has been crafted by hand & on site; in small, quality controlled batches.

Each and every premium, luxury bath & beauty products we offer contains the finest quality, natural and organic plant based ingredients from both land and sea, combined with sea salts, mud and clay. You have our guarantee that we use ingredients that are raw, unprocessed or minimally processed. By ‘minimally processed’, we mean sun dried, cold pressed, steam distilled, etc. We do not use ingredients that are processed or extracted using chemicals. When given a choice, we always choose ingredients that are food grade over cosmetic grade.

Our products will never be made using: synthetic or petrochemicals, palm oil of any kind, gmo’s. animal fats, fillers or added water.

Our processes and products are Cruelty free. We do not condone or support animal testing. We understand that using animal products is a choice but it is not our choice….

However, we do use sustainably sourced, local beeswax and honey, in very small amounts, in a number of our products.

We use minimal, plastic free packaging. Most of our packaging is biodegradable and compostable.

Bags, jars, tubes, labels and even spoons are all made from natural fibers and are environmentally friendly. In fact, the only part of our packaging that is not biodegradable is the small wire inside the twist tie on our 12.0 oz Therapeutic Bath Salts.

All of our packaging has been carefully sourced, researched and approved as the greenest packaging possible.

Even our mailing supplies are reused, repurposed and recycled as much as possible.

We are committed to a leaving a cleaner, greener future for your children, our children and their children.


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Spa Secrets 4 U, believes you should be provided with the tools to make informed decisions regarding your own health and safety. Just because there are “Trade Secret’ laws that say we do not have to disclose certain ingredients does not mean we mean we have to go along with the majority. Because you deserve better; today and forever, we will provide ‘Full Disclosure’ of every ingredient we use. You deserve nothing less.
castor oil (hexane free), raw unrefined cocoa butter*, raw unrefined coconut oil*, grape seed oil, hemp seed oil*, safflower oil*, raw unrefined shea butter*, sea salt, raw sugar*, sodium hydroxide, soybean oil*; spring water infused with botanicals: hibiscus, rosehips, chicory, blackberry, hawthorn, chamomile, cherries

*USDA Certified Organic ingredients/
Unmarked ingredients are either inorganic or produced organically and not certified or wild harvested.