Are you able to claim flawless skin? Or, like most people, are you interested in learning how to get flawless skin?

If you would like to improve the look, feel and overall condition of your skin Thalassotherapy could be the most valuable tool in your Skin and Beauty arsenal.

Why use Thalassotherapy to improve your skin and beauty?

Thalassotherapy is the surest, fastest, simplest way to therapeutic method to achieve improved health and beauty.  Used for over 4000 years and remains a guarded secret by 100 of the best, 5-star resort spas throughout the world.  Each one of these cater to the elite clientele of the rich and famous.  This is the type of person who expects to be given treatments not known or afforded by us “common folk.” They not only expect the best, they expect results far superior than the best.  Why do celebrities always appear to be so smooth, clear, have such flawless healthy looking skin? They are given their namesake treatments, “Celebrity Treatment.”

Thalassotherapy Spa Treatments are what they refer to when they say “Celebrity Treatment.”

No better, more effective, more restorative method exists.

So, if you are interested in learning more about how to get flawless skin, A little more information about Thalassotherapy…

Thalassotherapy is the Ancient Curative Method of Using Marine Products for Healing. Also called ‘Seaweed Healing’ or ‘Sea Algae Therapy.’

The list of benefits to improve your health and beauty seems never ending. The therapeutic benefits from seaweed healing is intensified as concentrated nutrition is restored through daily use of our Marine Bath & Body products.  As you rebuild the vitamins, minerals and trace elements vital to your skin, hair and body; the health of each will thrive and flourish. Your overall health will improve. Your skin will clear up, blemishes and imperfections disappear. Your skin will smooth out, become healthier and brighter. You will be amazed at the speed and thoroughness of the improvements you experience.  

We offer Thalassotherapy Spa Treatments for daily use that are designed to replace your current skin cleansers.  Your time and energy output is the same, or less, as your regular bathing routine.

When you use Spa Secrets 4 U Spa Treatments, your time and effort goes towards restoring high concentrations of every vitamin, mineral and trace element your body requires for optimum health.  The condition of your skin and health is also addressed through the addition of specific elements that elevate the look, feel and overall condition of your skin.

If you are uncomfortable with surgery scars, acne scars, cutting scars, age spots, wrinkles. Many of these can be considerably reduced in visibility, correctable.  Your skin will be as beautiful and flawless as a movie star. The natural, healing skin care products we offer are the same, or superior, quality and effectiveness as used by the celebrities selling skin care products on your T.V. They would never risk their skin by using the products they are paid to advertise.

With Thalassotherapy Shampoo, you can, and will, improve the health of your hair.

Your hair will become thicker, increasing hair growth, restoring nutrients to hair strands and as hair follicles.  Your scalp will receive vital nourishment and oxygen, promoting healing and effective growth. Hair does not just become thicker, it grows faster, longer and stronger.  Giving you hair that will rival any of the celebrities who use the same natural, top quality products that we offer. They would never use the ones they are paid to sell on T.V.

Your overall health will also improve. Your body is means to eliminate toxins and receive oxygen through the largest organ, your skin. This is able to able happen as it should. Nutrition is brought into your body through your skin, giving your body the essential nutrition required for optimum health of body and skin.

Studies have shown that over 60% of what you apply to your skin is absorbed into bloodstream and delivered to every one of your cells. Within minutes.

The only ingredients used to make the products offered are completely natural, organic and food grade.  Plant base ingredients from both land and sea, sea salts, clay, mud. Most ingredients used are raw or minimally processed. Never processed with chemicals. Never are synthetic chemical, petrochemicals, or palm oil used. 

So each product made to restore nutrition and health to your skin will also provide beneficial nutrition to your body. 

How to get flawless skin? Easy..Seaweed Healing

The first Spas were built in 500 B.C.E. along the Mediterranean Sea coastline so the Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians had easier access to the “Healing Powers of the Sea,” or Thalassotherapy.

Today, there are 100 Thalassotherapy Healing Centers, throughout the world.
Every one is located within the choicest, 5-Star resort spas, (average person denied access)
There is Only 1 in the U.S., in New York.
France “resurrected” Thalassotherapy in the 1800’s, and currently has 50 of these healing centers.

The average working person has been denied access to both knowledge and use of this Therapeutic use of Marine Product for Health and Beauty purposes.
It is time you are the privileged one. You are able to experience what has been held out of reach until now. Completely natural,  Sea Product Therapeutic Spa products for Beautiful, Healthy, Flawless Skin and Manageable, Healthy Stronger Hair care have been kept out of reach.

Until now.  

Now, you are able to pamper your skin and hair with these exclusive seaweed healing and restoring elements every day.  You have the added benefits of privacy and convenience that can only be had with at-home use.  Give yourself or your loved one the gift of healthy skin, healthy hair and overall improved health and see them relish in the luxury.

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