New, Unique Skin Spa Treatment for daily, at home use

A New, Unique Hybrid Delivery System allows you to receive all the benefits of a complete spa treatment, every day; in the same, or less, time as your usual bathing routine.

We have combined:

4000+ year old ancient method of healing, Thalassotherapy; with the 3000+ year old tradition of hand crafting soap.  By merging the two most effective and beneficial skin treatments, we created a hybrid category that allows the most effective way to improve and restore your health and beauty that is designed for daily application, with the privacy and convenience that only comes from at home use.

Each Thalassotherapy Skin Spa Treatment uses a gentle, original recipe handcrafted soap as a delivery system. This allows the transfer and absorption of concentrated of key nutrients: vitamins, minerals, trace elements and nearly endless components to benefit your skin and beauty. The ingredients of each spa treatment have been carefully considered and selected for the ability to address specific skin types, needs and conditions, work well with the other ingredients and enhance the end product.

When you replace your usual skin cleanser with a skin spa treatment + cleanser, there are many ways to benefit.

Short Term, you receive all the benefits of a complete spa treatment, everyday.

Longer Term: Over time, the beneficial nourishment, repairing and healing effects are allowed to accumulate, facilitating more and better improvements to your skin and body’s health and appearance.

Superior Healing & Results: Your skin receives therapeutic attributes intended to address and balance your skin’s needs at the precise time your skin is at its most receptive. 

Enhanced  Skin Penetration: Steam and heat from your bath or shower opens pores up to receive the concentrated nourishment intended through use of these therapeutic health and beauty treatments

Superior Healing & Results: Your skin receives healing attributes intended to address and balance your skins needs at the precise time your skin is at its most receptive for maximum healing benefits.

Each spa treatment contains premium quality, natural, organic, plant based ingredients from both land and sea combined with sea salts, mud and clay. We only use that are raw, unprocessed or minimally processed. Never chemically processed.

Your skin will not be exposed to dangerous or harmful chemicals as we never use harmful ingredients, synthetic or petrochemicals.

No added water or fillers: these would only serve to dilute and diminish the nourishing elements and beneficial properties of the ingredients used to create the exclusive, luxury products intended  to promote your improved health and beauty.

Spa Secrets 4 U products are cruelty free.  We never use animal fats or animal testing.

No palm oil of any kind.  The palm oil industry is responsible for so much of the  rainforest destruction, habitat of the orangutan being destroyed, senseless orangutan slaughter and suffering to where the species is nearly nearly extinct along with over 20 other animal also added to the endangered species list; atrocious human rights violations, indignities and abuses as well as enormous and irreversible poisoning of our entire ecosystem, destroying the rainforest which would normally help prevent the damages and speeding up the progression of global warming.

(see more information on this on “Selling our childrens future for palm oil”)

You are further protected from the contamination by chemicals into your products from plastic packaging.  We only use minimal, plastic free packaging, most of which is biodegradable and compostable.  Not using plastic packaging helps both people and planet by not adding to the overburdened landfills or adding to the toxins that leach into the ground, groundwater, oceans, crops and back into our bodies

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When you use at home, Thalassotherapy daily use Spa Treatments, you are guaranteed to achieve improved look, feel and overall condition of your skin and body.

The time or effort you will need to add is in selecting your new, unique spa treatment that corresponds to your skins type and needs.  Then again when you replace  it for your current skin cleanser/body wash   If you are ready to have beautiful, healthy skin, CLICK HERE

Each at home Spa Treatments are based on the ancient healing method of Thalassotherapy.  Until recently, the only way to access the unrivaled results of Thalassotherapy is through one of the 100, world class 5-star resort spas with Thalassotherapy Healing Centers.  Kept a closely guarded secret to ensure their elite clientele, the rich and privileged, receive the advantage of superior looking skin as believed due their financial “status.”

You deserve the same access to premium quality ingredients and therapeutic healing methods that safely, effectively deliver unequaled results for improved health and beauty.  Your options are to either book at week long stay at one of the 100, World Class Thalassotherapy Healing Centers with weekly maintenance visits or find the new unique spa treatment for daily use that .

You deserve Thalassotherapy.

Now you can experience all the same benefits in the same, or less, time as your regular bathing routine, with the privacy and convenience that only comes from at home use. Are you ready to improve the look, feel and overall condition of your your skin and body?

If you are ready for smooth, flawless, beautiful and healthy skin, CLICK HERE and find the at home Spa Treatment created to address your skins type and needs and replace it for your current cleanser.



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