Is your Baby’s Bath & Body Products

Pure, Gentle, Safe or TOXIC?

In the U.S., Cosmetic Industry is a $50 billion a year market with most earnings going to the corporations with the best advertisements. Your little one’s baby skincare products represents a sizeable chunk of that money. Products that have established themselves at the top of the Baby bath and body market are some of the most trusted companies around.  These companies have fostered a emotional connection with you.  Triggered memories a clean baby never involve questions of their use of harmful chemicals in baby products.  Certain scents will forever be connected to memories of a squeaky clean infant or toddler. Connected to the nostalgia is a memory of  your safe, wrapped in soft jammies, snuggling and sleepy, ready for bed after bathtime, with certain products used to clean, moisturize, heal and protect their delicate skin and hair.

Some manufacturers have created a reputation for safe baby skin care products that you can trust, yet have been found to be the worst offenders for using harmful chemicals in baby products.

Including ingredients that are known for being skin toxicants, mutating cell DNA, causing permanent damage to a young child’s eyes, hormone disruptors and many other dangerous chemicals that will cause permanent changes to your child’s current and future health.

Big name baby brands have spend unfathomable amounts of money to create, and promote a loving, caring and family friendly, safe reputation. To establish trust.

When such a large amount of money is in play, you cannot afford to trust. Not where your baby is concerned.

We have created a common list of harmful ingredients often these chemicals in baby products. This list is  for you to use ,to review your baby’s products and make sure the brand you trust is worthy of being trusted.

Hopefully, you have taken a closer look at the personal care products you have been using. Now it is time to take a closer look at the ones you use on your child. It should be a fair assumption that there only exists safe baby skin care products.  We want to believe that all baby care items are pure and gentle, regulated by the strictest rules, laws and regulations, ensuring the highest standards are used to protect the smallest human beings. It only makes sense that any company that manufacturers baby care products would never do anything to jeopardize the health or safety of such innocent little people.

Sadly, this SHOULD be true, but this is far from reality. Lets go over just a few of the dangerous and often used chemicals in baby products, shall we?

Benzyl Alcohol  neurotoxicant, allergic reaction lungs, skin toxicant, itching, burning, blistering, scaling. Animal testing resulted in liver, coma and death

BORAX. Borax? Yes, a mineral that naturally occurs made of boron, sodium, oxygen & water. It whitens, brightens, prolongs shelf life. BUT, it is not always the organic product it is sold as. It is also recreated, cheaply. The inorganic product is much more common than the organic . Borax is toxic, to be used for insect control and CLEANING, not baby products for skin. It has been linked to cancer, damage to kidneys, reproductive organs, genetic birth defects through any use. It is an irritant to sensitive skin, especially harmful, and TOXIC,  to babies, it will bleach skin over time.

DEET popular ingredient in insect repellants, toxic to CNS

Dimethl phthalates (DMP) other phthalates, plthalates are usually included in “fragrance” or “ parfum”, a.carrier for synthetic fragrance, never listed. Disrupts hormone & endocrine systems, obesity, respitory toxin, allergies, kidney& liver damage, reproductive & organ toxin. Neurotoxicant, impaired infertility, urinary abnormalities, breast & ovarian cancers, contaminates wildlife. Over one billion tons of phthalates produced worldwide each year. Recent study of 2,500 people found metabolites of at least one phthalates in 97% of those tested.Dibutyl Phthalate

FD&C Dyes almost all are carcinogenic, may cause sensitivity and irritation. Some cause oxygen depletion in blood. FD&C Red #4 is no longer used in food, it is a threat to adrenal glands, urinary tract & bladder. Still used in non food=cosmetics

 Formaldehyde: Banned in Canada and Japan, U.S. determined  safe for use in cosmetics. May or may not be a listed ingredient. Respiratory toxicant, eyes, carcinogen linked to: leukemia, pancreatic, skin, liver and lung, stomach, kidneys, bladder immunotoxicity, genotoxin, environmental toxin. Ingredients likely to contain Formaldehyde; imadazolidinyl urea, diazolidinyl urea, polyquaternium compounds., quaternium-15, DMDM hydamtoin, 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol(Bronopol), sodium hyrooxlmethylglycinate

Fragrance is a “blanket” ingredients, hiding within it any combination of  200 chemicals from a pool of over 3500  chemicals, Formaldehyde can be hidden in this and phthalates is almost always one. This one word represents proprietary information/ secret  recipe & formula

Isopropyl alcohol did you know this also comes from petroleum? It is beginning to appear there is a theme, right?

Used in antifreeze and shellac. Cause headache, dizziness, mental depression, nausea, vomiting, potential coma. Easily penetrates skin, believed to destroy intestinal flora. With them out of the way, your organs are more susceptible to attack of parasites that can lead to cancers.  This is one of the waste products from the petroleum industry it is able to sell to the cosmetics industry for use as a cheap ingredient.

Mineral oil, and other petroleum products Baby oil is 100% mineral oil, a petroleum product that will coat your skin like the plastic wrap that is also from petroleum. Petroleum products trap in your skins ability to release toxins and breath in oxygen. It disrupts skin’s natural immune barrier, promoting skin problems. Slows skin healthy functioning and normal cell development, while causing skin to premature age.

Oxybenzone a.k.a. retinyl palmitate (a type of vitamin A) 56% of sunscreens contain oxybenzone. This has shown it can be absorbed through skin,  linked to hormone disruption. Government funded studies have found this type of Vitamin A linked to cell damage, leading to skin cancer

Parabens are preservatives used often in baby care  products to prolong the products shelf life. Found inside breast cancer tumors. All chemicals ending in –paraben, -eth, “PEG” compounds, irritant skin, eye, endocrine disruptor, breast, ovarian cancer, environmental contaminant. Immunotoxicity, neurotoxicity, acts like estrogen in body. Including: Butylparaben, Methylparaben, ethylparaben, ceteth, ceteareth, laureth, etc

Talc comes from minerals that can contain asbestos, known carcinogen.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium Laureth Sulfate:  THINGS THAT BUBBLE! You need the lather to get clean, right? No the lather has nothing to do with it but allow you to become dependant on something that does not matter.Permanently damage and corrode hair follicle, skin toxin/corrodes permanent eye damage children, mutagen, liver toxin, immunotoxicity, capable of changing information of genetic material found in cells, breaking skin structure, induce mutations, carcinogen “Foaming” agent/surfactant. Concrete floor cleaner, engine degreaser, car wash detergent. , Includes:  Ammonium lauryl/Laureth Sulfate, any combination of: Disodium/oleamide/sulfosuccinate, etc and may contain the contaminant…

Is this the full list of worrisome ingredients? Not likely, but I only have so much time. It should be enough to get you started…looking for natural alternatives. When I say natural, they should not include:

Pigments, Oxides, Mineral Pigment, Ultramarines, Synthetic colorant, lab made. Some consider these “Nature Identical”, use them to make product and still market their product as All Natural

Mica Name is misleading.  The only mica used in cosmetics is synthetic, usually coated with titanium dioxide(see dioxide)and coated with FD&C, D&C colors or synthetic oxides. Usually has added coating to prevent caking.

Thank You, Spa Secrets 4 U

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