We have been supporting the palm oil industry as it steals our childrens future

We never know the worth of water till the well is dry. 
~ Thomas Fuller, Gnomologia, 1732 ~

What Future Will Your Child Have if You Don’t Fight The Industries Intent on Destroying Our Children’s Future?

I received an email a few months ago that is just as important today as it was when I received it. This email was from the Rainforest Action Network, RAN. In the email was a plea from a man named Adelbert Gangai from the Maisin tribe in Collingwood Bay Region of Papua New Guinea. Mr. Gangai works with the nine tribes that are also in the area. As of a 2010 census, there is over 7000 people in 326 clans within 22 villages (~email from Adelbert Gangai via Rainforest Action Network) 

These people indigenous to the land and waters of Collingwood Bay Region have been residents for longer than I can imagine. They have lived in and of this area without destroying any part of it, if anything they have lived in complete harmony with the ecosystem, respecting life and supporting all  forms of it.

FYI: Palm oil is used in around 1/2 consumer goods and called 30 names. List of names at the bottom or blog); cleaners, washing detergents; Bath & Body: soaps, shampoo lotions; Grocery: prepackaged food,margarine, cereal, baked goods, snack foods, and even biodiesel.

Enter the KLK, the Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad.

One of the founding Members of the RSPO, Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil, and the 5th largest palm oil plantation company.

The KLK is owned by a holding company called Batu Kawan, controlled by two brothers who are among the richest men in Malaysia. The KLK has been linked with some horrible abuses of human rights which are substanciated by interviews of former workers and recorded statements of local nongovernmantal organizations, affiliates of contractors and also copies of the labor contacts.  The gross human rights violations include: forced labor, captive workers, fraud, creating indentured servants for transport, room & food, denying health care, refusing to allow workers off plantation or go home during 2 year contracts, locking workers in at night, unsanitary living conditions, meager portions of insect infested food, without fresh water, unsafe and unreasonable work load, forced to handle toxic chemicals without safety measures causing more health issues, escape attempts were hunted down and beaten, sometimes publicly to keep others too afraid. This plantation was reported, investigated, the foreman questioned and released and after it became public, KLK issues apologies.

Not long after, the “questioned” foremen was known to be recruiting for new plantations in Borneo & Sumatra. (Much of this information from article: Indonesia’s Palm Oil Industry Rife with Human-Rights Abuses, by E. Benjamin Skinner July 18, 2013, Bloomberg Bussinessweek)

Why am I telling you this? Because right now, the KLK has parked large earth moving equipment, a KLK barge containing oil palm seeds sits right off the coastline of the Collingwood Bay area. 

This is in regards to the 2013 burning of the Sumatran Forests, suspected of starting of land intended for an oil palm plantation.

“The suspect is PT ADEI Plantation and Industry, a subsidiary of Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhard, (KLK), and the charge is illegal burning practices within their 14,000+ha concession area. The firm will be brought to suit on charges of environmental damage”(~Indigenous Peoples in Indonesia Scapegoats for Forest Fires, The First Peoples Worldwide Website)

Back to where we started.

The KLK is one of the FOUNDING MEMBERS of the RSPO, Roundtable for SUSTAINABLE Palm Oil!

Some of the founding members of the governing body that provides certification for sustainable palm oil have been responsible for kicking people off lands they have lived on for thousands of years, enslaving them complete with public beatings for the ones who attempt escape; being part of destroying entire animal species that include Orangutan, Pygmy Elephant, Sumatran Elephant, and about 20+ more, that now includes the chimpanzee?

We can continue with figuring in the endless toxic chemicals dumped into land and water.  Or the additional air pollution from the 300 football fields of rainforest that is burnt down, every hour, to make room for the oil palm plantations that will deplete the soil of all nutrients within 20-50 years.

These deathly toxins and pollutants will be responsible for making the land that used to host the richest ecosystem, become the most lifeless.

We need to step up and stop the needless, malignant industries that profit from destroying both people and planet

KOLB, Member of the KLK Group website states:

KOLB recognizes the importance of setting a good example when it comes to sustainable development. We are happy to announce that we are the first to launch RSPO certified nonionic surfactants.

RSPO (Round Table on Sustainable Palm oil) is an international multi stakeholder organization and certification scheme for sustainable palm oil founded in 2004. KOLB’s mother company, Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad (KLK) is one of the founding members of RSPO.
Our production sites in Moerdijk (NL) and Hedingen (CH) are RSPO certified for both Mass Balance (MB) and Segregated (SG).

KOLB offers the choice to buy sustainable palm oil derivatives, which allows stakeholders to achieve their mission on sustainability by sharing their knowledge and expertise. This is accomplished through co-operation within the supply chain in delivering RSPO certified products ~(KOLB Website RSPO page)

Maybe I take life too seriously. Maybe I am too concerned for our future. maybe I am too protective a mother, asking too much for my children. I want them to have clean air to breath, clean water to drink and nutrients in the soil to grow non mutant (modified) food to help them be healthy and productive.

I believe every one of our children DESERVE what was provided for us as we have become adults and raised our children.


How dare any one of us not care enough to fight for our children’s future?
Get up, start to do something to give our children the ability to raise their children.

Just a few small things we can do to begin:

Cook real meals.

Stop  spending so much time staring at a screen of any kind.

Look at, interact with,your children. They need social skills.

Take your children outside, talk to them, interact with them.

Read the labels before you buy.

Do not buy food that is made with palm oil.

And contact HSBC  http://www.us.hsbc.com/1/2/home/customer-service/feedback-questions 

And let them know how important it is to you that they pressure the KLK to stop spreading death and destruction that is inflicting a terrible cost on our children’s futures. It is taking their futures from them. Tell this bank how much that upsets you and what you want them to do.

Protect our Children, Please.

Protect our people and planet, the future of all living creatures.

Why are the rights of our children, their health and safety, being put ahead of overproduced wealth for those who already have more than they will ever spend? More money than their own children will be able to spend. What good is an inheritance of limitless wealth when there is no opportunity for life?

If you are ready to take a stand against the palm oil industry and for the future, you can buy with ease knowing that, at Spa Secrets 4 U, we make every one of our products without the use of palm oil of any kind. We always have, always will. Our products are environmentally responsible from the natural & organic, responsibly sourced ingredients to the plastic free, natural fiber, biodegradable packaging. We do care enough to make the extra step to protect the future.

Names Palm oil can be listed as: ~saynotopalmoil.com (temporarily disconnected link)

-Vegettable Oil
-Vegetable Fat
-Sodium Laureth Sulfate (in almost everything that foams) ^
-Sodium Lauryl Sulfate ^
-Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate (SDS or NaDS) ^
-Palm Kernel#
-Palm Oil Kernel #
-Palm Fruit Oil #
-Palmate #
-Palmitate #
-Palmolein #
-Glyceryl Stearate #
-Stearic Acid #
-Elaeis Guineensis #
-Palmitic Acid #
-Palm Stearine #
-Palmitoyl oxostearamide #
-Palmitoyl tetrapeptide-3 #
-Steareth -2 *
-Steareth -20 *
-Sodium Kernelate #
-Sodium Palm Kernelate #
-Sodium Lauryl Lactylate/Sulphate *
-Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate ^
-Hyrated Palm Glycerides #
-Sodium Isostearoyl Lactylaye ^
-Cetyl Palmitate #
-Octyl Palmitate #
-Cetyl Alcohol ^
-Palmityl Alchohol #

These ingredients are definitely palm oil or derived from palm oil.

  • These ingredients are often derived from palm oil, but could be derived from other vegetable oils.

^ These ingredients are either derived from palm oil or coconut oil.

We need to all take more interest in the ingredient labels of the products we purchase and do our best to not support the industries of destruction. At Spa Secrets 4 U, we are determined to take a stand for our children’s future.  We do not now, and never will, use palm oil of any kind in our products. We use ingredients that are top quality and responsibly sourced in our premium quality products. Take a minute and look through our luxury products that are guaranteed to improve your skin and beauty without causing further harm to our planet.

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