Are the “Green” products you purchase coming from a “Green” business? Do these Green products make every effort to protect you and your future on this planet? Do these products come in plastic free packaging? 

Are you concerned about what constant exposure to synthetic and petrochemicals is doing to your health,  your family’s health and our planet?  Are your concerns being exploited?

Have you noticed an increase in personal care products that are being promoted as organic and/or natural?  Are these advertisements selling products made of premium quality botanicals and safe all natural herbal concoctions? Or is this merely disinformation to sell us what they think we want without changing anything but the name and marketing? 

Do you know how to tell?

Planning to fight to provide a safe, green future for every child

Two years ago, I set out on a path to use what I am good at to give my grandson a safer, cleaner & greener future after his father, my son, passed away.

I have taken my passion for creating All Natural & Organic Thalasso Therapy Bath Spa TreatmentsDaily Use, Therapeutic Skin Spa & Natural Hair Spa Shampoo products and starting a Sustainable, Environmentally Responsible Business.

After making the decision for the path I would take, I spent the first year reworking and redesigning every recipe I planned to start my business on. I had to make my recipes work using larger quantities of ingredients.  I wanted to go through every ingredient, source and step involved would cause the least impact to our environment as possible.

Takes work to go Against the Mainstream

I spent the entire first year sourcing, researching, testing and reworking. Repeat. I was not going to offer a product I did not feel was worthy of the message I wanted to convey.

I am determined to prove that using Natural, Organic & Environmentally Responsible products does not mean you will be stuck receiving  inferior quality, benefits, effectiveness or overall experience. Well formulated products, by someone with experience,   will give you the best of every one of these, as well as improving your health; both now and in the future.

“Natural” is not always Natural

Throughout this process, I had the opportunity to see how many different  businesses view “Green” , “Eco friendly” and “Natural” products.

I want to share with you some of what I believe creates question of whether or not a “Green” business is committed to the health of people and planet in order to help you make a better informed choice on who you give your money to.

I am going to limit this post to One of the items I believe very important to your health and safety as well as show the true level of commitment of the business to being Natural & organic and also green & eco friendly.

Toxic Packaging= Toxic Product

#1  Packaging. Packaging is the first thing you see when you look at a product and the most obvious way to see whether or not the business is concerned with future of our planet.

Is the product packaged in environmentally responsible plastic free packaging with materials sourced in an environmentally responsible manner?

Plastic Packaging comes from Petroleum.

Toxins from plastic packaging will seep into the purest of natural/organic products, causing them to contain toxic petrochemical? 

Did you know that plastics are derived from petroleum and natural gas? Petroleum is considered a toxin to all forms of life and an environmental toxin. Plastics are made from petroleum.

From the moment a product is packaged in a plastic container, the toxins begin to leach into the product. Extreme heat, cold, age, stress and other factors will increase the amount of leaching.

Most store bought products are made with preservatives that allow a product to remain the usable, without change,  for years. The longer the product sits in the plastic, the more toxins from the plastic are absorbed.

Are you aware that no matter how  natural & organic the product is, once it has been packaged in plastic materials, the toxins from the plastic start to leach into the product and it becomes contaminated with these dangerous chemicals, no longer so safe?

Do the products use plastic  “forever packaging”  that will sit in our landfills for hundreds, even thousands of years?

Do you know what happens to the plastic packaging once discarded?

Endless Cycle Of Plastic Destruction on Life

Globally, we use over 260 million tons of plastics every year. Once they have served their purpose, our plastic trash is usually just tossed in the trash can, ending up sitting in our landfills where they take between 450-1000 years to break down.

During that time, the toxins used to create the plastic will leach into the soil, spreading through the land, being absorbed by plants that become our food, or ending up in our groundwater, contaminating our food source and drinking water.

These chemicals end up being spread though rain, runoff, flooding, streams, etc., contaminating our lakes, oceans, fish and wildlife. There is no end to the contamination of toxins except to continue cycling through our land, water and ourselves for 450-1000 years.

Safe, Environmentally Responsible Packaging Does Exist

Yes, it does exist! Finding acceptable, earth friendly packaging options may take more of your time, effort and, at times, requiring your imagination. You can count on environmentally responsible plastic free packaging costing considerably more, too. It is definitely worth it when you consider the benefits of what it means to not be adding to the plastic already overburdening our landfills and lending toxins to your products.

Plastic counterparts will be much less expensive, offer a larger variety of colors, sizes and shapes, but this ability to match comes at too high a price for us to continue using it without ill effects.

Finding the correct plastic free packaging to fit with your products can became a mission of its own, but the benefits of being able to offer a superior product that you know will not cause harm to people or planet is a payoff that makes it worth the effort.

Make Green Products Fit The Green Mission

Your health, now and future, is worth the extra time and effort required to demand the greenest, plastic free packaging available.  Of course, it would have been much easier, faster and cheaper to use plastic packaging. The easy thing would not have been the right thing.  We are very fortunate for the opportunity to contain our products in the natural fiber, biodegradable and plastic free packaging we use. Our packaging makes our products even safer, not having chemicals leach into and ruin the integrity of, the natural products we create.

99% of the packaging we use is made of natural fibers, most is either renewable forest pulp or  made from high PCW content, (the 1% is I bottle I am being forced to incorporate, glass, not plastic). The 99% is biodegradable; most of it is even home compostable.

There are options for environmentally responsible packaging. They may not be exactly what I first imagined, but there is something much more important: protecting the future of our children.

Products we offer may not look as polished or slick as others. The true benefits are not in how glossy and sleek they are packaged but in the benefits they provide to you and your future. They do contain top quality ingredients that are truly natural & organic.

Work to Accomplish What is Important

You will never be offered products made using 5% beneficial actives and 95% fillers when you use products from Spa Secrets 4 U. We do not add fillers to bulk up the contents so we can misrepresent the contents and justify a higher price for less actual products.  There will never be petrochemicals and/or synthetic chemicals added without concern for harm to who it will be used on.

You may see plain packaging, boring wrap, nothing shiny, colorful or metallic, but this natural looking packaging will break down completely, no matter where it ends up, and feed the ground, not poison it.

If you are interested in finding products that not only claim to be natural & organic, but back up the claim by volunteering full disclosure of every ingredient used in each product. We continue to protect your health by using natural fiber,  plastic free packaging. Spa Secrets 4 U offers a complete line of luxurious, natural, safe and effective products to improve the health of your skin, hair and overall health.  A full line of products to support you and your family in having a healthy today and tomorrow. Are you ready to take control of your skin, your health and you planet? Now you can protect them all while you pamper your senses with luxury products designed with the finest quality people and planet friendly ingredients. The safe, natural and effective products will cause you to question the reasons you denied yourself the opportunity to use all natural personal care products.

Are you ready to treat yourself to the best nature has to offer? Go ahead, try to limit yourself to which ones you just cannot live without!

Now you can enjoy all the benefits of a 5-star spa treatment with the privacy and convenience that only comes from at home use.  Look through what we offer and find out just how beautifying nature can be! Shop Bath & Body products for daily, at home use, including: Thalasso Therapy Bath Spa, Skin Spa TreatmentsUltimate Hydration, Baby Skin and Dog Shampoo.

We are on a mission; to clean up this planet…one body at a time!

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