Our personal care products are made somewhere, from ingredients that do impact our lives in more ways than how they perform during our bath and body routine.

Ingredients can be natural or synthetic.  Sometimes there is a bit of liberty taken with these very simple terms. Ingredients made from petrochemical are sometimes labeled as natural, since they are made from crude oil by products and oil is a natural resource, there are some who will argue this means they are ‘natural’. When it comes to ingredients such as mineral oil, petrolatum, paraffin, it is easy to recognize as their coming from petroleum, but there are also some misleading ingredients that are harder to spot such as methylparaben, benzoyl peroxide, benzyl alcohol, oxybenzone, some of the glycerines and a very long list of others .

There is also some controversy with regards to what ingredients can be labeled as ‘natural.’

Natural is defined:

1. Present in or produced by nature: a natural pearl.
2. Of, relating to, or concerning nature: a natural environment.
3. Conforming to the usual or ordinary course of nature: a natural death.

a. Not acquired; inherent: Love of power is natural to some people.
b. Having a particular character by nature: a natural leader.
c. Biology Not produced or changed artificially; not conditioned: natural immunity; a natural reflex.
5. Characterized by spontaneity and freedom from artificiality, affectation, or inhibitions. See Synonyms at naive.
6. Not altered, treated, or disguised: natural coloring; natural produce.
7. Faithfully representing nature or life.


Synthetic is defined as

1. Relating to, involving, or of the nature of synthesis.
2. Chemistry Produced by synthesis, especially not of natural origin.


Unfortunately, there are many manufacturers who are labeling their products are ‘All Natural”  and/or “Containing No Synthetic Chemicals” that contain ingredients that began natural but were synthesized within a lab to create the ingredient as it was used in their formula.

For instance, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is derived from coconut. We all know that this is a surfactant that helps create lather. It is a skin irritant, it is believed to be able to cause harm to developing (baby, young children) eyes and lead to cataracts in adults. It is corrosive to skin and hair follicle, harmful to brain, heart & liver.  While it is made from coconuts, it is not a chemical that can will occur naturally, without the intervention of science.

Still, there are manufacturers who will use it in their formulas that they label as ‘Natural.”  Occasionally, there will be a list of ingredients that looks like:  surfactant (derived from coconuts) or ‘coconut derived surfactants.’  Of course, this is not for certain that the surfactant is SLS but without providing the proper information that is required by law, there is no way to know for sure.

This is just one area we are trying to help you be better informed about.

There are many other ways your bath and body products impact both you and the planet. Many lives are involved in the production of every single product you purchase and your personal care products can affect lives throughout the world.

It is very important that we are all aware of the global impact of our personal care. Since it is one of the least regulated industries, there is much more room for harm, both to you and the planet.

You only have one body, making your health and issue of great importance. You need to know how your beauty products can affect your health, your baby’s health, even your fertility. Yes, you need to be aware of the safety of ingredients. Whether or not the packaging is harmful, manner of manufacturing and more are all able to impact your health.  Today and in the future.

It is not just our health, but our childrens health, their future, animals, our ecosystem.  Around the world there are people forced into labor, kicked off ancestral homes, even publicly abused to make certain ingredients used in many beauty, food and household products.

Spa Secrets 4 U is not just about making all natural, safe, environmentally responsible products to pamper you. We also want to help you learn about the many different ways our bath and beauty choices affect our lives today and our childrens lives tomorrow. We invite you to read the articles in the hope that you will be better informed about protecting yourself, your family and the future.

If you are interested in our covering a subject we do not have listed, please fill out a contact form and let us know.


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