Premium Personal Care Products to Pamper You, Protect Our Planet

Wholesale Premium Spa Treatments 

Wholesale Premium Spa and Bath Products

Superior Quality, all Natural, Organic Personal Care for

Men, Women, Children & Canine, too.

Spa Treatments for daily, home use based on Thalassotherapy. Everything made using the finest plant based ingredients from both land and sea

When you offer Spa Secrets 4 U products, you are showing your customers that you value their needs, health and well being.

Are you looking for body and hair care products that can be customized to reflect the size, color and scent that compliments your small hotel, bed and breakfast or inn, wanting to offer your guests unique, handcrafted luxury amenities that properly represent the quality and level of care you hope to convey.

Do you need a one time custom order to make a statement at corporate event, wedding, family reunion; bridal, wedding or baby shower? 

Or maybe something more intimate? Gifts for a wedding anniversary, birthday, Christmas or any occasion that you need to find a perfect gift for the one you love.

You will be well represented by Secrets 4 U.

If you have questions or would like to talk with one of us about how we can accommodate you, email us T 

All Natural Personal Care Products

Wholesale Spa & Bath Products,

Wholesale Natural Hair Products,

Plastic Free packaging, most of which is

Biodegradable & Compostable 

Luxurious, Therapeutic Spa Treatment Gift Sets,

Green Living Gifts, Eco Friendly Gifts

Sustainable Gifts

“Nothing Left Behind, Just Healthier Skin!”

Wholesale Natural Products Inquiries
Are you interested in selling our unique, spa treatments in your retail or online store?

We are more than happy to speak with you and work with you to make this happen. We do offer wholesale pricing based on quantity. We are interested in working out a mutually beneficial arrangement for us both.

With our exclusive products in your store, your customers will appreciate your concern for their health, their family’s health and their future on the planet we all need to live on, together.

All except one of our containers are made of natural fibers, are biodegradable and compostable, most of which is even home compostable and the best in eco friendly packaging. We are so confident in our products quality, effectiveness and environmental responsibility that we are proud to provide full disclosure of each items list of ingredients . Our customers love our openness with them,ensuring their confidence in our company as well as our products. Your customers will also appreciate knowing what they are buying from you. We do look forward to working with you. Please give us a call at (435)730-2747 or email us at

Custom Orders
Are you planning a wedding? Do you need favors for your party? Are you preparing a business, family or social gathering of any kind? Do our soaps give you an idea? Do they seem like they could be the interesting, unusual and original gift, party favors or as a “Thank You!” for attending? Do you own or manage a Bed & Breakfast, Lodge or Hotel and are looking for something special that will make your guests know you appreciate their business? We would love to work with you. We can customize our soap to sizes that will better fit your needs or we can send you an uncut loaf that you can slice yourself. If you are interested in custom orders, contact us at (435)730-2747 or email us (
It is important that you plan ahead on custom orders.  Skin Spa Treatments, Soaps and Solid Shampoo’s all take a minimum of 4 weeks to cure before they can safely be used.  That is on top of the time needed to customize the recipe to fit your needs. Please plan ahead to give us the necessary time to give you what you need, how you need it.

A custom order is not the time to settle for ‘good enough.’ It would be disappointing, possibly devastating, to end up with something that fell short of what you had envisioned for your special day.

This is exactly why we will work nonstop to do our part to help you reach your dreams.

Custom Gift

A special event for someone you care for should be accompanied with a gift that says “I care enough to want only the best for you.” If you are ready to present that special someone with the perfect gift, we are prepared, with the gift you need. We have Green, Gifts that are made using only the best, natural & organic plant based materials (and some contain beeswax), packaged using all natural fiber, biodegradable materials. Giving a luxurious, spa treatment set allowing for the convenience of at home use, shows your special person you care about their health, you are trying to protect their future, while wanting the best for them and unwilling to have them to sacrifice the complete experience. We have several gift sets chosen with products that compliment each other. If you want to assemble something different, please, feel free to email us ( with what you would prefer, and we will package these products in our customized natural fiber, biodegradable materials to provide you with the complete green, eco friendly gift experience that will pamper your loved one, protecting their future..

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