My daughters and I are very passionate about health and wellness for both people and planet. My name is Poppy and we are Spa Secrets 4 U.

We are making every effort to seach out the highest quality and sustainably sourced ingredients and packaging options that will give you the most benefit without harm to your or the ecosystem. We want to be more than eco friendly, we want our products to prove that you can still enjoy a luxurious experience, using products that are effective when addressing problem issues without damage to your skin, your health or be responsible for harming our environment if or when they end up in landfills.

We have spent over 10 years developing products for personal use and we know that we can deliver safe, effective & luxury products made with top quality all natural & organic botanicals from both land and sea. We only use plastic free packaging, most of which is biodegradable and compostable.

Learn More About Us, The People Behind Spa Secrets 4 U

It is really only fair that you be given information about us, the people behind Spa Secrets 4 U.

First of all, let me tell you the most important things that define me.  I am a Torah following christian, I serve YHVH with Yeshua and my savior.  I am deeply in love with my husband, Monte who is an amazing man. I have been blessed to be the mother of 4 children, grandmother to 3 little ones and the adopted mom of 2 horrible chihuahuas.

I believe my children, and yours, should have the ability to raise their children with safe air to breathe, clean water to drink and healthy food to eat. Their children (my grandchildren) should be allowed to grow into adults, raise their children, with these necessities of life available to them.

Over 10 years ago, I began making the body care products for my family. My youngest child suffered with eczema and I lost faith after being given our options for treating her. After learning the side effects and warnings attached to these options, I determined that I would make the products for my family’s skin. I knew that nobody would work harder than me to ensure the safety and quality of the products for my family.  So I began to research in order to educate myself.

After years went by, my children grew as did their interests and their level of involvement. This led to a broader range of products with diverse attributes and more creative methods that we were able to develop.

Three years ago, we suffered the loss of my son, leaving us to look for something to give our lives meaning. We decided to take what we know, and do very well, and focus on using it to start an environmentally friendly business that we could use to create a cleaner, greener future. We believe it is very important that we put our efforts into a better world for us all, giving our children a planet that will support their ability to raise their children.

I have faith that I am meant to be here. Every new day is a gift from YHWH that I hope to make the best of, become my best in, or… I will be wasting an opportunity that I cannot get back.

I am determined to forming a relationship with as many new people as I can, learning all I can and doing all I can to protect the future for my grandson and my new, recent additions of granddaughter (7/7) and grandson (10/7)  we were blessed to receive over the summer.

I plan to prove that it is better to use GREEN with the premium, hand crafted, unique body care products that are superior in quality, experience, effectiveness and safety.

Our Mission

I believe that my love for GOD, Jesus and my family creates my passion and motivates me to give my best.

I realize that it isn’t all about us, there are people who need what I offer, whose lives will be better because of what I am able to create. I hope to reach as many of these people as I can along the way.

It is very important to create products that will protect and improve the health of the people who use them and the planet that sustains our lives. I hope what I do will help preserve every child’s access to fresh water, clean air and nourishing food, just as I had growing up.

Environmentally Friendly Business

Eliminating a large number of toxins from being absorbed by your largest organ, your skin, will go a long way toward better health. Taking the petrochemical “saran wrap” cover off your skin will allow it to breathe. Reducing the number of toxins going down your drain, manufacturing toxins and plastic packaging will improve the state of our planet.

Everything counts.

Our Ingredients

We believe that true health for ourselves and our beautiful planet can only be obtained by using natural & organic materials from both land and sea.

Which is why we only use premium quality, natural, organic, food grade and plant based ingredients from both land and sea, combined with sea salts, mud and clay.

Our ingredients are raw, unprocessed or minimally processed. Never chemically processed.   We will never use synthetic chemicals, petrochemicals, animal fats, animal testing or palm oil of any kind.  We never add water or fillers that dilute or diminish nourishing elements and beneficial properties of the ingredients we use in creating our exclusive products.sea salts, mud and clay that have NOT been adulterated with solvents, chemical pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or any form of petrochemicals.

Our Packaging

Nearly every product on the market uses packaging that will end up in a landfill and be around forever.  We don’t feel this is the right approach. We are building an environmentally friendly business by strictly refusing to never use plastic packaging. Making every effort to being environmentally responsible, we both minimize our packaging overall and go to great lengths to ensure that virtually all of our packaging is biodegradable & compostable.

Please, avoid the use of chemicals that are toxic to people and planet, refuse plastic when possible, compost, reuse and recycle!

I hope you feel more informed and as though you have learned a little more about who we are, why we are so passionate and committed to protecting your health and our planet and what we are hoping to accomplish.

Hopefully, after learning more about us, you will recognize our sincerity towards giving every person and product our best. We believe our integrity is defined by our worst efforts as much as our best. This is why we always work hard to make sure you only know our best.

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Thank you,

Poppy & Family at Spa Secrets 4 U

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