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You will easily achieve Healthy Skin 4 U & Healthy Hair 4 U
Premium quality, natural, organic Bath & Body products using therapeutic healing methods to improve your health and beauty
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Your soft, radiant skin can be realized surprisingly fast once you have begun to restore your skin’s health.

Your skin and hair, just like your body, require a certain amount of basic nutrition to sustain its current state. If you want to improve the health of your skin/hair, you need to provide them with additional nourishment.

Thalassotherapy has been studied, and proven, to be the most effective therapeutic method of healing, restoring and improving health & beauty for over 4000 years.

You have a unique opportunity when you incorporate Thalassotherapy Spa Treatments from Spa Secrets 4 U into your daily bath & body routine.

Thalassotherapy Spa products will promote the enhanced transfer and absorption of key nutrients to include vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, amino acids, beneficial fats, anti-oxidants. Your skin and body will flourish as these nutritional benefits are delivered in extremely high levels, to help you achieve optimum health of your skin and you hair.

Further benefiting you, this nourishment is transferred at the precise time your skin is its most receptive. You will be replacing vital nutrition needed to correct, progress and enhance the look, feel and condition of your skin and hair.

You have access to a full range of the finest quality, hand crafted, cruelty free products made without palm oil of any kind, synthetic chemicals, petrochemicals, animal fats, animal testing; added water or fillers.

Thalassotherapy Bath & Beauty products…

Your Health, Beauty & Family…

Proven #1 most effective therapeutic method of healing for improving health and beauty. Thalassotherapy is used in 100 of the top world class spa resorts.

You deserve the superior healing and restorative benefits of Thalassotherapy. The most effective therapeutic tools to nurture your skin and beauty are now affordable and accessible to you in Thalassotherapy Therapeutic Health and Beauty Products.  Premium, natural products designed for your everyday application; requiring the same, or less, time and effort as your regular bathing routine. You get the added benefits of both privacy and convenience with at home use.

Thalassotherapy; Studied, Proven…

Studies have found there exists a chemical similarity between seawater and human blood plasma. Not only does the sea hold the same life essential nutrients; vitamins, minerals and micro nutrients as the human body, but also, the similarity between sea water/products and blood plasma allow the recognition, transfer and absorption of these nutrients faster, easier and more efficiently than with any other transfer method.  This allows life essential nutrients to be restored with less energy or waste, giving the body maximum benefits.

With this in mind, we have formulated each one of our Thalassotherapy Spa Products with high concentrations of nutrients, anti-oxidants, amino acids, protein, lipids and other nourishing elements. Thalassotherapy, or Therapeutic Healing with Marine Products, offers a multitude of benefits for your skin and hair.

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What Our Customers Say…
“Last night, after using your products head to toe, the combination of the aromas and the residual feeling that my skin had just been to a day spa; I slept the most soundly. I almost fell asleep in tears because mentally and physically, I felt so calm and peaceful in my own skin and head.  When I was pregnant and now, I have always battled with insomnia. I am pretty sure it’s just due to stress and fatigue. This was one of my favorite benefits of using your products. Peace.”
“It’s been a while, since I have discontinued using bar soaps and have tried using other natural bar soaps but was never 100% satisfied……the silky feeling would not give, it lasted what seemed like forever.”
“My boyfriend and I were very much impressed with the moisture cream. We both were amazed at how a small amount put so much moisture in our skin without our skin feeling suffocated….the scent…was not over bearing..it melted into your hands but did not leave them feeling greasy or still coated with lotion….it does not feel like anything I have ever used! It felt as If I was wrapping my body, hands, face in silk….”
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Finest Quality, Premium Skincare; Discover Your Natural Beauty

Every product we offer is formulated using the finest, natural, organic plant based ingredients from both land and sea; combined with sea salts, mud and clay.  We will never use synthetic or petrochemicals, palm oil of any kind, animal fats, animal testing, fillers or added water.  All our packaging is minimal and plastic free; most of which is biodegradable and compostable.

Spa Secrets 4 U guarantees our products are all natural & cruelty free, We are a family owned micro business. Each product we offer is made in small, quality controlled batches, on site, by hand.

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Learn more about Thalassotherapy how it will help you achieve the skin you deserve.

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