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Sunset At Long Ocean Beach Widescreen Wallpaper e1397330530188 86x86 *You Deserve ThalassotherapyToday, there are 100 Thalassotherapy Healing Centers, throughout the world.

Every one is located within the choicest, 5-Star resort spa

The list of benefits to improved health and beauty received from using Therapeutic Seaweed Healing, Marine Bath and Body products is endless.

Your skin will become clear as you experience a reduction of  blemishes and imperfections. Your skin will even out and appear brighter as it achieves improved health. You will be amazed at the speed and thoroughness of the improvements.  Remove scars from acne, surgery, spots, wrinkles.  

Studies have shown that over 60% of what you apply to your skin is absorbed into bloodstream and delivered to every one of your organs and cells. Within minutes.

The difference between the products we offer and those provided at the top 5-star resort spas are very few. These differences are in your favor.

The more important differences are:

1. Purity.  Absolutely no synthetic chemicals, petrochemicals, animal fats, water or fillers are used in the products we offer. Products offered by Spa Secrets 4 U have not been left to sit in plastic packaging while they wait in a warehouse enduring extreme cold and heat, causing toxins to leach into the products from the containers. We are committed to you, and ourselves, to maintain the absolute highest standards of quality and purity. The only ingredients we use in the formulation of our products are entirely natural, organic and food grade.  Plant based ingredients from both land and sea combined with sea salts, clay and mud. Most ingredients we use are raw or minimally processed, and never processed with chemicals. 

2. Results.  Receive increased benefits from the daily application of at home spa treatments. The alternative is to book a weekend, or a week, at a 5-star spa, giving you a set number of treatments. The restorative effects fade in between stays. Starting over, attempting to reverse the damages accumulated.  Our Spa Experience Treatments are designed for daily use, building on the acquired benefits with each use. You do not have to stop treatments and lose benefits, you can continue to build on your results until your skin is perfect.

3.  Timing.  Our spa treatments are designed to be used in the one place they will be best able to restore the maximum amount of nutrients: your bath/shower. This is optimum restorative time due to the steam opening  up your pores, eliminating toxins and absorbing the concentration of essential nutrients.  

4.  Convenience.  Your use of our spa treatments are on your time.  Around your schedule. No appointment to keep. No rushing across town in traffic, becoming stressed. No frustrating drive home, stopping to pick up dinner. You use them with the Privacy and Convenience that only come with at home use.

5. Prices. We are not able to give away our products for free. We need to pay our bills and furnish all the required elements to create these products for you. The price difference lies in not needing to make much more than that. We are hoping to make a difference, and show people that natural is healthier, safer and more effective with better results than the synthetic chemical concoctions that are the essence of the mainstream products.

It is your turn. You deserve this superior method of therapeutic healing to restore, renew and  improve both your health and beauty. Now you can be the one who will benefit by gaining superior look, feel and condition of your skin and hair. You are the one to receive the best there is. This is your time to be the one others will envy. Take what is yours, you deserve the best

What has been a 5-star resort spa secret is now yours to experience.  You now have access to the luxurious, natural, healing effects of this 4000 year old ancient method of healing, Thalassotherapy.  Marine Product Healing, Seaweed Bath, Therapeutic Baths,  Sea Algae Healing, Sea Product Therapeutic Spa products for Beautiful, Healthy, Flawless Skin and Manageable, Healthy Stronger Hair.

Allow us to share with you: Spa Secret Products to Pamper YOU, Protect the Planet.

Find your Spa Treatment and be the Envy.

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